False Hope

by Whores

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Justin This EP is amazing from start to finish. 5/5. Favorite track: Two Years.
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Zack Bauman - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Witmer - Bass, Vocals
Billy Dukin - Guitar
Caleb Lewis - Drums

Produced by WHRS. Mixed and mastered by Caleb Lewis


released November 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Whores Decatur, Indiana

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Track Name: OWI
We stand together in a foot of snow
It's all a lie, you're all alone
There's no where to go from here
You fall apart and no one seems to care all that much
Because it's all in vein, its all in vein
You're in too deep, you're in too deep

I can't remember who we are, or how we ever got that far
Look at what we've done, nothing

Your eyes are red, we're on a cloud
There's no way out, so fuck it

We're stuck in place it's all we know
No moving forward, it's all too slow
No other way to pass the time
Track Name: False Hope
You might have died for them
but i would never do for you
It doesn't matter what we say or do
We can never live up to you
I don't want to be like you
You're not really there
It's only us

It's only us

Woke up tomorrow, forgot about today
With you we are never really free
Track Name: Two Years
Two years wasted and I have nothing to show
Always on my mind I just can’t let you go
I was blind to the facts but now I can see
I meant nothing to you, you were everything to me
We were living a lie you and I
It was not what we expected it to be
You threw me to the side without a thought
How the hell do you expect me to feel?

She’s just some pissed off bitch with something she thought she had to prove
But I still don’t know what the fuck you were trying to do
So I wasted away on these thoughts of me and you.

I’m done falling apart
Over shit that doesn’t matter
You’re not who you said you were
And I don’t care anymore

I never needed you